Release Notes - June 2023

We are excited to announce Tap My Back's latest features!
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Customize your rewards catalog!

We are thrilled to announce that, as an account admin, you now have complete control over a personalized rewards catalog. Choose from brand items, non-monetary rewards, and more.

Create a customized list that fits your unique needs and resonates with your employees. From company swag to additional vacation days and branded trophies, the possibilities are endless with Tap My Back.

Boost engagement, satisfaction, and motivation with our standout rewards experiences. Empower your team and make them feel truly valued and appreciated.

Click here to check it out!

You can now connect several Microsoft ADs to a single Tap My Back account

Tap My Back now supports Multiple Azure Active Directory Tenants. To enable the "Add a New Directory" option in the Integrations menu, account admins can request it by emailing [email protected].

This can be useful in cases where the same Tap My Back account serves different companies of a holding, for example, if those companies have different Office 365 accounts.

Connect and manage multiple AAD tenants seamlessly. Boost productivity and streamline user management. Get started with our enhanced feature today!

Features and fixes you may have missed 🥳

💡User interface improvements continue: now heading to pulse surveys!

🐞Badges' images not loading on email - fixed

🐞Several translations and date format issues fixed 

🐞Link for invited users to access the user manual fixed

Got any feedback?
Send us an email at or use the chat widget on our page. :mãos_para_cima:

Team Tap My Back 

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