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How can you structure your users inside Tap My Back
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What are exactly the roles at Tap My Back?


When creating an account, you will invite users. 
They are the ones who have to feel engaged by using the Tap My Back app, as they are the colleagues who can daily see and recognize others' good actions and give helpful feedback about them. ✔️

The users will have access, by default, to these features:

  • Give a Tap;
  • Request Feedback;
  • Edit their profile, where they can keep track of their improvement and development.

They will also be able to Give Feedback if the account admin decides to.

Account Admin

As an Account Admin, you have the administrator capabilities. You are the one who can do everything in Tap My Back app. 

You have access to these key features:

  • Give a tap
  • Feedback Hub, where you can give and request feedback
  • Edit your profile
  • Have access to the analytics of the recognition and feedback given;
  • Send Team Messages;
  • Make Pulse Surveys - A very useful tool to really feel the pulse of your organization;
  • Create Badges and Skills - Specific values or skills you want to see in your company or only in some teams.
  • Personalize the Tap My Back space;
  • Manage Features - Choose which features to enable your users to have access to.
  • Create Teams - You, as as account manager are the only one with the capability of creating teams and when creating one, you will choose the Team Admin.

Team Admin

When creating a team, you need to name a person to be the manager of that team - the Team Admin! 
The Team Admin will behave as an user, but will have some extra features: 

  • Give a Tap
  • Request Feedback
  • Edit their profile
  • Analytics feature - To be able to track the behavior patterns of his team, by analyzing the usage of the Feedback Hub feature and the Give a Tap feature.
  • Team messages - Team Admins can send team messages to their teams. They will be sent to announce something that will happen soon or just to give a good morning motivational message! This message will appear on the top of the news feed of all the members of the team.

They will also be able to Give Feedback if the account admin enables them to.

This are the roles at Tap My Back!

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