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How to reward your employees
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As an account administrator, you have the option to connect Recognition to Rewards in your "Manage Account" section.

Build a system of rewards and incentives and contribute to employee satisfaction. Reward each member’s contribution, make your staff feel valued and enhance team morale.

See how to do it:

  1. Go to “Manage Account” and click on "Recognition Settings";
  2. Enable rewards by moving the lever to the right;
  3. Set a specific value (USD) to reward employees for each tap;
  4. Choose the right Program;

          • On going → reward your employees seamlessly for each tap received

           • Time-based → reward the employees who have received more taps in a                  certain timeframe (every week, every month, every quarter, every year)

  • Allow recognized employees to accumulate USD that they can later redeem in gift cards and spend in an extensive catalog of 600+ top brands and charitable companies.
  • Prefer to create your own catalog? Contact our team to customize your own unique company rewards (featured brand items or non-monetary rewards).
  • Monitor the flow of rewards for each user through analytics.

    Rewards billing cycle πŸ’°

    The rewards feature will be incorporated in all our current plans, so it won't increase the prices per user you already know. However, for each reward redemption, a transaction fee of 3% will be applied.

    Of course, we will not send you an invoice each time someone does a redemption, but only bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the quantity, with all the transactions in 1 invoice. 

    Is there a minimum threshold to redeem rewards?                                               

    Yes, it's 5 USD by default. However, we can set up a different one (if higher) for your account based on your requirements (e.g. 50USD, 100USD, etc).

    ⚠️Note : if you don’t find this option available in your account, you’ll need to request access by simply send an email to [email protected]

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