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Learn how to use our Pulse Surveys to feel the pulse of your organization
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Have you heard of our new pulse survey feature? 

If you're curious about this method, then see our little introduction.

What are Pulse Surveys

They are surveys to help you better understand how is your workforce feeling. As the name reflects, they reflect the pulse of the organization. They address feelings and more intangible metrics. These are perfect if you want to assess more than just the productivity of your employees. Sometimes you have to go a little bit deeper than just numbers in order to be a great manager. 

Now, how can you use them?

How to use Pulse Surveys

You need to go to your Pulse Surveys section and start with Create a Survey. There you will have two options:

  • Create your own survey from scratch
  • Choose a template for a specific situation

Let's start with the first one!

Create your own Pulse Survey

Similar to a normal feedback request, creating your Pulse Survey from scratch will have the standard options for customization.

Let's go step by step:

  1. You will have to choose the people you want to survey. You may include entire teams or just a few key team members. Choose according to your needs as a manager. There's also the option to send that survey anonymously.
  2. Then you will have to choose what question you want to ask your employees and the type of question it will be. You will have to choose from the options (Open answer, Scale answer, Multiple choice or Mood).
  3. Give a clear name to the survey so that everyone can easily identify the purpose of that pulse survey. You can also add descriptions to the Survey itself and to each question to briefly explain the purpose or context.
  4. Define the timeline for that survey. Determine if you want that survey to be recurrent and how. You can set the deadline for that survey in order for you to organize your insight gathering. You can also choose if you want anonymous answers or if you want to know who said what.  

Make sure that the response your employees can give to you is aligned with the type of feedback you are looking for. Be precise in what you ask and make your intentions clear. You can also make answering that survey as optional

Using Pulse Survey templates

If you want to address a specific situation, see if any of our predetermined templates can help you. Here below you have all that is available to you from the start.

We provide you several options in order to respond to probable organizational problems or issues. The templates provided are similar to what you define in the making from scratch option.  Even all of these templates are enabled to customization so that you can best adapt those surveys to your organization. 

Pulse Survey Drafts

If you weren't able to finish a pulse survey in time, you can always save a draft so that you can finish it later. You can see your drafts in your side menu for your pulse surveys. You can edit them at any time. 

Active Pulse Surveys

When you launch a survey, it will show up on your active pulse surveys section. 

For example, we launched a weekly engagement survey and in the active surveys, we can see how well it's performing. You can always edit the survey and relaunch it if you feel you need to improve some parts.

Finished Pulse Surveys

When you finish a survey, it will appear in this section with the final stats you can retrieve from that survey.

Once you declare that survey as finished, your employees won't be able to respond anymore. You can check and update your survey at any time after that.

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