Making Tap My Back part of your culture

Use Tap My Back to promote its culture and values within the organization
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Now that you have Tap My Back totally installed in your company, how to make it part of your company culture?

Here we suggest some ways:

  1. Find your motivators and Instigators;
  2. Leverage team messages;
  3. Utilize Pulse Surveys
  4. Reward & Incentives;
  5. Look for Feedback and improvement opportunities;
  6. Leverage Tap My Back’s Slack integration;

Find your motivators and Instigators


You will need to incentive team-leaders to be Tap My Back energizers. They should give taps when the team needs them the most, give and request feedback often so that everyone sees their example. 

In the long run, these are people who are responsible to make recognition and feedback a daily habit in your company. They will make using Tap My Back a routine task.


Another way to generate engagement at Tap My Back is by having some people remind their colleagues to give taps or feedback when relevant. They will recommend how the app should be used and in which context. 

Leadership is crucial here, they are the first to instigate these practices, so it's vital that they can lead others to keep the good work. These people are important to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the use of the app.

Leverage team messages

Team Message is a feature that you should utilize to its best potential.

  • You can use this feature to send specific messages to certain teams or you can just make a general announcement to your entire organization.
  • Send messages to your team-members about things that are happening on a regular basis;
  • You can also use these team messages to share your company’s achievements;
    This feature can also be a weekly mood setter.

Utilize Pulse Surveys

Feel the pulse of your organization and understand how are your team members feeling.

  • Launch timely surveys to keep everyone engaged in your workplace
  • Be aware of their expectations and manage their performance
  • Use the mood feature to see the overall morale of your team
  • Keep surveys as simple and intuitive as possible, that way you will get more answers. 

Reward & Incentives

You should install a system of rewards and incentives to your team members, in order to increase the usage of the app.

  • Your employees can be rewarded for receiving an X amount of taps;
  • You can also reward your employees for the feedback they have given and requested, which are important for developing a natural feedback culture that promotes self-awareness;
  • These rewards can be both given as a surprise or as something that employees expect to receive according to their performance;

Look for Feedback and improvement opportunities

Gathering feedback is vital to understanding the overall impact that Tap My Back has on your organization.

  • Always encourage feedback about Tap My Back;
  • Try to understand who’s not using Tap My Back– in order to understand why;
  • Ask your team how they feel about using Tap My Back;
  • Know if your team-members would suggest new ways of using Tap My Back in your company;

That feedback can be used to implement new methods and practices. There's always going to be room for improvement, so you need to be aware of where can it be better.

  • Change Tap My Back themes over time - by changing the theme of the environment you will make Tap My Back more dynamic and exciting for the users;
  • Call it Christmas, Halloween or Carnival– just keep it changing! 🎅🏻  👻  🎭
  • Creating new badges and skills is also a great idea;
  • You can always start by asking your employees for new badges’ & personal skills suggestions that they would like to use;

Leverage Tap My Back’s Slack integration:

This only makes sense if you use Slack! 

If you do:

  • Your team members will always be able to give taps & re-taps directly from Slack;
  • Your team will continuously be notified on a Slack channel about the given taps;
  • It is a simple way to have Tap My Back benefits in one place where everyone is already settled in;
  • It’s a good space to reengage users with Tap My Back, as they will be exposed to it more often.

Hope this was helpful!

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