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How to invite your team members to Tap My Back
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You'll need to invite users to join you in the app. Users are going to be the life force of your team so you need to make sure they are well settled in.

How do you invite new users?

1  - Click in Manage Account > Users > New User(s);

2 - Start by adding the emails of the users you want to invite. You can add whoever you want to.

3 - Complete your invite by sending a personalized message with it. 

4 - Send the invite! 

Manage Users

As an administrator, you can define the users' roles within the app. 

You can make them administrators or remove that role;
The enabled checkbox sets if the user appears in the app or not. If you uncheck that box, that user will no longer be visible;
It is also possible to remove the user by pressing the trash can icon.

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