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How to integrate Tap My Back with Slack
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Great news if you are using Slack at your organization! You can experience employee recognition and feedback from Tap My Back in Slack! 😃

You can give taps and answer feedback requests and surveys directly from Slack. Taps will also be shared in a chosen channel. 

How to enable your Slack integration

Go to Manage Account > Integrations > choose Slack

You will be redirected to a Slack permission page, and here you can select the access Tap My Back will have. 

Enabling the Slack integration is only possible for account admins and using the same email for your Slack and Tap My Back account is necessary.

Next, choose one Slack channel for Tap My Back to post the taps and team messages.

Finally, click allow to get started.

If the integration was successful, you will receive the following email:

Now, give your first Tap from Slack

  1. Type /tap and press enter;
  2. Then, Slackbot will ask you two questions: which badge do you want to use and to whom do you want to give a Tap?

  3. Click on Give Tap to proceed, or Cancel to delete the message.
  4. Add a description for your Tap, and click Confirm to finish.

Taps given directly from Slack or through the app will always be notified in Slack

Anyone that has access to the chosen Slack channel will see this Tap...
... and anyone will be able to Re-Tap right from there!

To learn more about all the Tap My Back features you can use in Slack as a user, please read this article.

We hope this integration adds value to you. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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