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How to analyse your recognition and feedback data
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As an Admin Account, you will have access to the Analytics of every user of the company. 
Looking at the Analytics feature, you can visualize the data about both the Recognition, Feedback and Pulse Survey features, in a comprehensive and intuitive way. 

  • At any moment during your analysis you can filter the data by Users, Badges, Teams and time period, using the search box at the top of the page.
  • You can check how to manage Pulse Survey analytics HERE.
  • For a more extensive analysis, you can always Export Data HERE.
  • This data can be exported regarding some filters: Teams, people, badges or specific time periods.

Let's see how to access and work with this data

Click in Analytics and choose whether you want to visualize Recognition or Feedback analytics.

Search: You can set the period you want to analyse in this box. You can choose to display data from the last month, quarter or year.

Leaderboard in Recognition: You can see the people who gave and received the biggest number of Taps and Retaps given and received. 

Leaderboard in Feedback: You can see what people have given, received and requested the biggest amount of feedback. 

Activity in Recognition: It is the amount of recognition and evaluation given during a certain period of time.
In this graph we can analyse the data in three different ways: Daily, weekly or monthly.

Activity in Feedback: The amount of feedback received and requested, organized by week, month or year. You can analyse that data in all three manners.

Badges in Recognition: Passing your arrow on the top of the badges, you will see the amount received and given of each badge, regarding the taps and retaps. This way you will be able to see which values, skills or actions are in fact more present in your company.

Skills in Feedback: If you also pass the arrow on top of the timeline you will see what skill was recognized and the score associated. This way you can see what skills are being recognized both in a positive and negative way.

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