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Establish a cultural strategy and make sure everyone understands Tap My Back
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To have Tap My Back fully working in your company, it's really important that everyone understands the purpose and stays motivated regarding it, so they use it regularly. 

If everyone is fully engaged, you, as an account admin will be able to achieve better conclusions about your company results and way of working.

Let's begin with three steps:

  1. Establish a cultural strategy
  2. Make sure everyone understands Tap My Back;
  3. Guarantee that everyone gets successfully aboard.

Establish a cultural strategy

You have to ensure that you have a cultural strategy that embraces a tool like Tap My Back. If not, the other users may like the app in the first few days and find it exciting, but then they will be disinterested in staying there and reverse to their old work practices. 

Therefore, you need to make sure your culture is based on real-time feedback and can be strengthened by using the app. This is how you can approach this situation:

  • If you don't have a real-time feedback culture: What strategy do you have and where can Tap My Back help in building a real-time feedback culture? How can it be a part of your daily routine? Tap My Back can't be a part of a strategy if that strategy doesn't align itself with overall organizational culture.
  • If you already have a real-time feedback culture: How can Tap My Back be the main channel of that feedback in your company? How can it be integrated with your day-to-day work? Using Tap My Back should be a facilitating option and not an obligation so that it can naturally be a daily behavior. 

Set up your Tap My Back account according to your strategy

If your cultural strategy is aligned with Tap My Back, then you can better facilitate the usage of the app. Have the environment customized to your company’s branding and values before you bring anyone aboard:

  • Bring in your company’s logo and branding colors, so it really feels more familiar for your employees;
  • Set what kind of features are most suited for your organization and enable them to the other users, so that they can be an integral part of your feedback culture;
  • Create your own and branded Recognition Badges and Skills you can get feedback on. That way, you can better align Tap My Back to the context;
  • If you believe that teams should exist right from the beginning, create them too before adding more users.

Make sure everyone understands why Tap My Back

Before bringing everyone aboard, it is important that you communicate about Tap My Back and the reason for its implementation in your company.

That goes through everyone in your organization, including your leaders. You'll need them on your side! Explain to them how can Tap My Back helps them manage pains.

How can it empower your leaders?

  • Show them the tools they can use to ease their work and also how they can facilitate the lives of their team members, empowering them.
  • Talk about how they can implement Tap My Back into their daily tasks

For that to happen, communication is key, especially on how you implement Tap My Back into your team. 

How can you communicate the Tap My Back launch?

There are two ways you can go about it:

  • Meeting with everyone to present Tap My Back: This option can be quicker but you need to ensure your managers align their teams as well. You need to make a presentation on how the app will be used and why it can be an improvement in their daily work.
  • Gradually present it to everyone in your organization: It's a better solution for larger enterprises. This can be done with the help of your managers, who can present it to their teams separately. This way, the process can be done per department and you can have a better idea of how each team embraces the app. 

General Tip: We suggest you define a Tap My Back roll-out period and share it! This will get everyone more committed to join in quicker.

Guarantee that everyone is successfully aboard

When you ensure that everyone knows about Tap My Back and why it's being implemented, you need to focus on how you can bring everyone aboard and evaluate that process. Bring everyone in!

  • You need to guarantee that all users log in (very important!)
  • Then you can see who is giving their first tap or feedback
  • You'll see who has updated their profile
  • Also, make sure everyone has created an account according to the timeline you set

You'll need this data to reflect on how successful was the onboarding process and what can be changed. 

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