Wondering how to actually give & receive feedback, effectively?

Learn some good practices to build this essential habit
Written by Claudia
Updated 1 year ago

Feedback can and should come from every level of the organization. It’s the gathering of all that information from different perspectives that makes employee feedback so valuable. It is a reaction in its nature.

It generates from what happens around you and at the same time you start to build an opinion about that. In any organization, feedback is essential for everyone to be productive and reach their potential. This process is an essential tool for building trust in the workplace and is also a way to improve results or keep employees motivated in their work. It can also reduce absenteeism and turnover rates.

But how do you do and give good feedback?

NOTE: This video is from the previous version of the platform however the experience remains similar!
Check out our video on how to give & receive feedback, effectively!

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